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Latest Newsletter for F&B

Number of classes we have in the school 

We have 7 classes – one for each year group.
The names of the classes and why they are called that At the moment we don’t have names but we like the idea and will look into it.
The best  thing about our school is 
We have lots of opportunities to develop responsibility – hall monitors, school council, play leaders, reception monitors, prefects, librarians and class helpers. 
Our adults are really kind and make it a better place – they treat children fairly.
We love our new library, and our outdoor environment.  We also really enjoy singing.
What makes us unique and why?  Our motto ‘learning for life’ and our values – we play and learn in the way the values suggest.  They help us do what we want to do as people and help us with what we want to be like as a school.  We use the values and will still have them with us when we leave.
The learning in our school is  We learn in fun ways so we remember more easily e.g. puzzles and songs.  We sit with learning partners who help us.  Learning is just right for us – we can choose our activities and if something is hard we have some top-up so we are ready for the next lesson.
The curriculum in our school  We do lots of different subjects.  We have specialist teachers for Mandarin, Music, PE and Art.  We love doing sharing assemblies and Christmas plays.  Classes are paired up for themes and sometimes go on trips together.  School trips are always fun and active and are linked to our learning – we go to places that will help us with our work when we’re back.
The behaviour in the school is  Mostly excellent.  The school gives a lot of help to children who need it.  Instead of being harsh and moaning, adults help children to calm down.  There are lots of awards for achievements and children have goals to reach.