GSO Test



Number of classes we have in the school 

9 classes including our Speech and Language Centre.  
The names of the classes and why they are called that

All our classes are named after trees.    Cherry, Beech, Willow, Rowan, Holly, Hazel, Oak , Maple and Birch. 

The best  thing about our school is  Going in the Gold, getting stickers and collecting gold awards. 
What makes us unique and why?  We have children in our school who sometimes finding expressing their ideas very tricky. We are all very patient. Some of our adults and children use signs to communicate ideas. 
The learning in our school is  We have been focusing on literacy skills and we don't want to make the same mistakes.
The curriculum in our school  We can learn using lots of resources. Our resources help our growth-mindset and make our brains grow. 
The behaviour in the school is  Good. Some children make the wrong choices , but we try hard to think about choices and do better next time.