GSO Test

Tany's Dell

Number of classes we have in the school 

14 classes plus Nursery (1 x AM & 1 x PM)
The names of the classes and why they are called that When we only had one class in each year group, they were named after the colours of the rainbow.  Now there are two in each year group, we've gone for shades of that colour.  This means Reception (RED) are now Ruby & Scarlet.  Y1 (ORANGE) are now Amber & Coral.  Y2 (YELLOW) are now Saffron & Primrose.  Y3 (GREEN) are now Emerald & Jade.  Y4 (BLUE) are now Marine & Topaz.  Y5 (INDIGO) are now Indigo & Navy.  Y6 (VIOLET) are now Lavender & Violet.  We love rainbows.
The best  thing about our school is  ICT because we have SO many fun activities to do.
What makes us unique and why?  We run the Daily Mile every day because we want to be fit.  We are trying to learn sign language as we have children who can't hear and they sign.  When we learn a new song, we sometimes learn how to sign it as well.
The learning in our school is  Fun and impeccable because our teachers are fun and we are all reaching for the stars ALL THE TIME.
The curriculum in our school  It is always interesting.  We do Reading, Maths, Computing, Writing, Science, GPS, History, RE, Spanish, Handwriting, PE, Art, Music, Geography, Philosophy, DT and Homework. We have a daily maths meeting as well.  We have clubs at lunchtime and after school.  
The behaviour in the school is  Usually very good.